13 April 2024
The Gambia chapter celebrated World Art Day and the “Freedom of Expression” in true style at the Genieri Village Kiang East District, Lower River Region.

The event was Produced by Fabakary Sanneh, AFABW Africa Director and President of Fabakary Rural Community Support Initiative. It was attended by 50 children and youth.

The artists took the theme to heart and expressed themselves through drawing, singing, and poetry.

They also embraced top social betterment programs by getting out 100 copies of the Truth About Drugs books, 50 The Way to Happiness books, and 25 Human Rights booklets.


The wave of creation was shared on Facebook and Instagram in short video clips and photos.

“It was great! The community appreciated making the future generation positive and to reduce crime, idleness, and drug abuse in this setting for social betterment!”

Fabakary Sanneh