Positive change has occurred in 2023 due to the good dedication of Fabakary Sanneh and his work in the community in conjunction with Artists for a Better World. These groups have worked together to give more hope for the future of the citizens of The Gambia – with over 1,500 social betterment books given out this past year to people of all ages – and thousands getting the messages of these campaigns through the media too!


(Letter from Fabakary Sanneh follows)

Dear President AFABW,
I am very glad to send you the development from the Artists for Better World Africa Chapter along with Fabakary Rural community Support Initiatives (FRSCI) which has been keenly working in a quest to promote creativity through the Get High on Arts, Say no to Drugs campaign and The Way To Happiness and Human Rights activities in both communities and schools.

1. Fifteen communities were engaged with the “Get High on Art, Say no to Drugs” program, with more awareness of the harm of drugs.
2. We positively engaged children on arts and creativity with their own personal imagination improved.
3. Community elders support the initiatives and want us to continue with it and spread it to other places.
4. We got out hundreds of The Way to Happiness and Drug Free World books.
5. The kids got to do more art in our interventions instead of getting involved with negative social vices.
6. Young people’s idleness reduced as a results of our activities.
7. Ten school heads were briefed about our interventions.
8. Community traditional Educators were sensitized (making them more aware of problems, and the solution)
9. Divergent youth groups and associations have been involved.
10. Sensitization of children on Human Rights and their responsibilities improved in a quest toward positive living.
11. We have to acknowledge and give special thanks and appreciation to AFABW for Providing us with a brand-new generator with a stabilizer for our community projects and school activities. This has immensely contributed in terms of bringing awareness to the vulnerable communities in the Gambia.
12. So many children were changed with a positive attitude and a Big “SAY NO TO DRUGS CAMPAIGN” and other social betterment. Parents really appreciated the initiative and gave us courage to continue because it makes children focus on good morals and do away with negative social vices like drugs abuse, crime, and rape.
We urge others to join and help us to make the AFABW Gambia chapter unique in Africa. We can do this through taking challenges to combat the ills of society through the arts and social betterment programs.

Thank you,

Fabakary Sanneh – President/Coordinator
AFABW Africa Chapter – and FRSCI