Freedom of Expression Human Rights Event

On December 9, 2023, the Artists for a Better World LA chapter produced the “Freedom of Expression” event in celebration of the 75th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We joined forces with Youth for Human Rights to promote the vital need to secure our rights.

The event was held at the Church of Scientology, Los Angeles, a venue known for hosting many interfaith and community events.

The evening began with a reception and dinner in the lobby, where our top artists, including Anna Weilgart, Julie Snyder, Lynda Hubbard, Nico Vosloo, Rand South, and Rebecca Mate, displayed their works.

Javier Medra, a member, enhanced the atmosphere with holiday songs on the piano. Guests from diverse ethnic backgrounds attended the festivities. The dinner provided an excellent opportunity for networking and forging new friendships, where artists and neighbors could connect.

Afterward, everyone proceeded downstairs to the theater for the Human Rights Speakers and concert. The opener was celebrity musician Richie Onori, who spoke and performed his “Song for Humanity.” The keynote speaker, Dr. Ahmed Soboh, Chairman of the Islamic Shura Council of Southern California, discussed the atrocities faced by his people and the necessary actions to address them. He was followed by Julz Allender, President of Youth for Human Rights California.

MC Lynda Hubbard introduced AFABW Founder Barbara Cordova, who spoke about the group’s support for Human Rights through various activities. The concert began with musicians Greg and Masami performing a new composition aligned with the theme. This was followed by human rights poems written by Alice Pero; “Bad Man” by Sandal; ten-year-old singer Layla Richeson performing “Tomorrow”; music industry veteran Jimmy Chapel with his rendition of “That’s Life”; singer Maria Monet performing “I had a Dream” by Chick Corea; human rights poetry award winner and musician Zach Maravilla; and concluding the concert were singer Barbara Cordova and professional dancer Noelle performing “Planet of Peace.”

The event inspired many attendees to distribute Youth for Human Rights books and to become active with Artists for a Better World, contributing to the upliftment of society through arts and social betterment.

The volunteers who worked tirelessly as a team to ensure the event’s success included Barbara Cordova, Lallah Rowe, Andrea Zastawny, Dorothy Lenz, Rob Oliver, Lynda Hubbard, Lauren Perreau, Randall Michael Tobin, Anna Weilgart, Mike Weilgart, Rick Murken, Cathy Morfopolous, Maria Monet, David Bartlett, Sky Rowe, Noelle North, Barbara Elleby, and Ron Farrell.


“Thank you so much for the invite. I had so much fun, and it was great being around people who care about the world and the happiness of others.” Jimmy Chapel

“Thank you for inviting us to this inspiring event. The performers each moved us in a different way.” Pauli Dutton

“Great event last night. I really enjoyed it, and it was awesome to perform in the show.” Maria Monet

“I made the decision to hand out Human Rights books” John Hambright

“I decided to spread the word. I’m running a Toastmaster meeting on Human Rights tomorrow.” Karen Wadler

“The variety of aesthetics was awesome. Brilliant Message.” Julie Snyder