On Saturday 4 November 2023 we hosted a get-together and pot-luck at member Avna Jungen’s home.   The cozy gathering brought artists and guests together making them feel right at home in this creative environment.  LD Sledge welcomed them with uplifting piano music as they walked in the door.

This is just the type of activity that has been surveyed as needed and wanted by artists in all fields.  There were around fifty people throughout the evening and all were happy to be there and network and share their works.  New member Brian Blunt performed with his wife Chiquita and made new friends. He is getting support on his local open mics due to being part of AFABW.  There were also several poets that recited their poems to attendees.

The group has a new property which is the “Get High on Art and Say no to Drugs” coloring book produced by AFABW members.  The Clearwater chapter headed by Richel Lavette Lewis, was first to release it at their event.  Due to this gathering there is more interest and reach for AFABW activities in the area and more prospects to join the group!

“Great fun was had by all.  We saw and heard great artists and ate some wonderful food.  I made new friends and we are sharing content and adventures.” Brian Blunt