Artists in the Community

AFABW members are very active in the community. After all, we are all about making a better world and artist participation in the community is a primary way to accomplish our goals.

Members have been going out to art fairs, open mics, and other events to connect-up with like-minded artists and to uplift their communities.

Here are some recent examples:

Every month Songnet co-founder Jimi Yamagishi hosts a showcase for songwriters in Pasadena CA. Our AFABW musicians have performed there and Songnet members have become interested in AFABW. One is Javier Medra, who is now also a member of AFABW.

In Tujunga, California, Artists for a Better World members created a coloring book for kids to educate them on the dangers of drugs and how art and other creative endeavors can help them to lead a happier life. It was premiered at a Health and Safety Fair there.