Youth for Human Rights, Drug Free World and The Way to Happiness

In his true style, Fabakary Sanneh led the education of people of all ages on social betterment education. At the forefront were Youth for Human Rights, Drug Free World and The Way to Happiness.

In June Fabakary led sessions on Human Rights, with the Regional Childrens Assembly with key stakeholders including Regional education, Police, Drug Control Agency, Social welfare and Community children’s protection. 25 Human Rights books were given out to attendees.

Parents appreciated the increase in the children’s awareness and idleness and drug usage reduced. There was more unity among communities, and more youth coordinators involved.

Summer Camp
The Camp for kids was a big success with more than 250 participants. The two-day camp was comprised of a series of activities, from sports to arts, including the Get High on Art Say no to Drugs program – with the following statistics:
Distribution of 250 Truth about Drugs books, (more than 140 said they will never use drugs), 150 The Way to Happiness books. 10 local authorities were present, community Elders supported the activities and moral lessons, 5 villages came to grace the occasion, The Deputy Director of the Ministry of Youth and Sports was present as well as State TV.
Fabakary says: “The three days of camping was great and the books were given out and they were very impressive. The FRCSI The Gambia and AFABW International are positively changing lives in the communities and the schools. They are reducing crime, raping, stealing, bullying and madness. The Red cross was very happy and promised to work with us in their future activities.”