MAY 2023

Social Betterment Books Get Distributed to Officials in The Gambia!

Fabakary Sanneh is on a mission to help his country with arts and social betterment. Since connecting up to Barbara Cordova, the Founder of Artists for a Better World, he has received hundreds of books to help him with his mission. He has taken on the task of wide distribution of materials to educate his people on drugs, immoral activities and human rights violations that will help his people to live better lives and influence youth in a positive direction.

“Dear President of AFABW,

I am glad to tell you that I have meetings with heads of government institutions and Non-Governmental Officials in the region. I presented them with copies of the social betterment books. They embrace the idea and want the society to be served and sensitive about these very important issues. Doing the “Get high on Art say no to drugs” program and The Way to Happiness and Human Rights are very key in our society and can improve lives and livelihoods. The communities’ Elders and school administrators, through their directors and parents want us to be there to create and teach the masses, especially children.”

“Today we distributed 22 booklets each of The Way To Happiness, Human rights and The Truth About Drugs to Government senior administrators. This is the technical advisory committee (TAC) that comprises all the heads of government institutions and non-government institutions operating within the region. I briefed them about the programs and how I am going to reach schools and communities. The Regional Governor is the chairman of this committee and chief executive officer at the area council is the Vice Chairman. They are very impressed and want to work with me in their respective institutions and organizations.”

FRCSI (Fabakary Rural Support Initiative)

The list of TAC who got the books:

* Governor’s office
* Community development
* Red Cross YOUTH and sports office
* National Environment Agriculture Forestry
* Health Regional education
* Livestock Girls GUIDE
* Scouts Water resources
* Catholic organization
* Office of Food safety and quality control
* Fisheries Government office
* Area council Physical Planning office
* Social development office
* Social welfare Child protection office
* Regional Women’s bureau
* Regional Disaster office
* Regional Police
* Regional immigration
* Regional fire and rescue
* Custom and exercise dept
* NGO affairs
* Freedom for hunger campaign
* Roots office
* Drugs law enforcement agencies
* Office of Regional intelligence
* Office of Regional population
* Office of Community health
* Nurses Rural development institute