APRIL 2023

The Gambia embraces “The Way to Happiness”

Fabakary’s connection to AFABW led him to The Way to Happiness, another social betterment program that the group supports. This common-sense guide to better living is something he now uses to educate his students. He has shown his students many of the videos of the precepts on their web site https://www.thewaytohappiness.org/

Then later at an AFABW zoom meeting Fabakary met member Debbie Arambula, The Heart Artist, who uses The Way to Happiness in her Spread the Love Campaign. When she heard how Fabakary helps the youth in his area with art and social betterment, she had the idea to include him in her campaign. And this worked out perfectly as the Florida Chapter was doing their World Art Day celebration on April 15th with the theme being Unity Through Creativity at Ybor Square at the Church of Scientology Tampa. Though too many miles away to attend, she got Fabakary to involve his kids via zoom on the morning of the event!

Meanwhile Fabakary had received a shipment of hundreds of The Way to Happiness books which was perfect timing. Debbie has made it her mission to use her art to inspire communities nationwide to be creative and uses Precept 20 in The Way to Happiness, “Try to Treat Others As You would Want Them to Treat You.” She goes over the precept and gets kids to participate by recalling examples of when they were treated kindly, and to share that memory. She guides them to choose colors that express the feeling of happiness in the memory. And directs them in creating pieces of art.

Debbie was there at the Court Yard at Ybor Square in the morning, along with Fabakary and around forty kids in The Gambia, connected on zoom. They had a banner of The Way to Happiness up, along with paper and crayons ready to Spread the Love through art! They thoroughly enjoyed this creative experience!


“The celebration was very special to us. We are grateful to be working with renowned Artist Debbie Marie Arambula and taking part in her Spread the Love campaign. It exposed us to the global arena and at the same time improve our skills. It was very good to learn and enhance our abilities in the Arts. We can see that the best way to improve lives for the community and poor children in The Gambia is through the Arts and other areas of intervention of my foundation.” Fabakary Sanneh FRCSI (Fabakary Rural Support Initiative)

Fabakary has now given out hundreds of The Way to Happiness books in his area, and educated kids on the precepts through the books and video showings.

To top things off he and his kids took part in our AFABW virtual World Art Day Gallery celebration on May 7th, where their art work is permanently posted under the banner of Unity Through Creativity. Fabakary also wrote a special poem for the occasion.