MARCH 2023

“Get High on Art, Say no to Drugs” reaches the community!

In 2022 Fabakary Sanneh reached out to AFABW President Barbara Cordova as he was interested in arts activities. He also wrote about the drug situation and abuse in The Gambia. She then got him actively doing the Get High on Art Say no to Drugs program on a regular basis with youth in the area, and it has grown markedly. He gets kids to do drawings to depict the message. “What is your vision of a better world where creation is encouraged and drugs are discouraged?”

Fabakary has been leading his kids and gets them to say “Get High on Art, Say no to Drugs” and they repeat after him, or just says “Say no to?” and they say “Drugs”

Barbara also reached out to The Foundation for a Drug Free World and they sent 600 Truth about Drugs books to him, along with educator kits. He soon ran out and had a need for more, so another 1000 were delivered to meet the big demands for the books.

In February in The Gambia there were Independence Day celebrations. Fabakary launched the Get High on Art program and Drug Free World books at an event to the regional stakeholders and communities. There was even a segment from his event on National TV news.

As can be seen below this program is having positive effects wherever Fabakary takes it!

Successes from Fabakary:

“We have distributed 500 COPIES to the schools and communities. The demand is far more than what we have and we will be sending updates on all we do. We will even supply other regions with 100 COPIES to a very big drug network too.

We did film showings at 15 places and the parents were very impressed and told us to continue because it helps in advising their children, thus reducing crime rates, rape cases and confusion among peers. Thanks for your support! We can change lives for the better and cause young people to stop the drugs abuse!”

“We are very glad to inform you that the FRCSI in alliance with AFABW has had many successes in our intervention and proactive moves to cover the communities and schools as well. The Government Ministry of Education through their regional director has improved our interventions to all the senior and upper and junior schools in the lower region. We started the film showings and other outreach on your information, sharing the truth about drugs and arts promotions. This positive intervention makes children more focused on education and art-work. The crime rate and other negative social activities are now reduced thanks to working with AFABW.”

“Thanks for the support, the Kids on Arts program is growing because I covered fifteen schools and more than three thousand children are interested in Arts and they want to see their children say no to drug abuse and positively engage on creative Arts and education for better lives.”

“Kids don’t want to association with other kids that even just smoke cigarettes as they know it’s a stepping stone to other drugs such as pot and then harder drugs.”