AFABW Donates Funds to The Gambia so They Can Get Arts Programs to Areas with No Power!

“Dear President of AFABW,

The warmest greetings from our foundation to the Artists for A Better World and its members and followers. Our society was very vulnerable to drug abuse and has created drastic hindrance to the life of the community. Drugs make our youth into: criminals, insane, murderers, useless, idle and end up in prisons. The most common drugs at the community are CANNIBIS, MARIJUANA, ALCOHOL, COCCAINE to name a few.

After connecting up with you, we started the project in the Gambia with Get High On Arts and SAY NO TO DRUGS awareness campaign at the communities in the rural areas in The Gambia. We do community outreach and talks with young people, women, and the community at large. The sensitization is creating massive awareness and gradually changing the mindset of the people, especially our youth. Thanks to starting with the positive engagement with AFABW our children and communities are gradually changing and embracing the initiative for a better life. We want to reach more than 25,000 people in the next three months if we have the necessary materials to help us.

The foundation needs generators to use our projector for more outreach and visibility in our activities. (There are areas with no power)

We really appreciated the encouragement and technical backup and will keep engaging with positive initiatives to create impact in the younger generation and the world as a whole. We will make sure that with this, we promote Arts as a way of creativity and positive engagement of young people to do away with Drugs and focus on a better life. The Kids said No To Drugs and engage in Arts.

Kids don’t want to associate with other kids that even just smoke cigarettes as they know it’s a stepping-stone to other drugs such as pot and then harder drugs.

Thank you for your help on our mutual purpose.”

Fabakary Sanneh
President of Rural Community Support.

Barbara got AFABW members to answer the call to raise money for the Generator, and Fabakary got his wish, and funds were sent to him to purchase one so he could reach out and educate more kids in areas with no power.

“We are very grateful and thank AFABW for the wonderful support to have the generator and stabilizer. This massively increases the learning and awareness campaign for our kids learning and community outreach. We will have activities both at schools and community and kids will work on art creations and Get High on Art Day no to Drug campaigns. It will give meaningful engagement for the children.”

Fabakary Sanneh