The first annual Summer Artists’ Salon and Garden Party was held in the spectacular residence of Spyro and Cathy Morfopolous in Glendale, CA on August 27th.

Guests were treated with a wide variety of art and entertainment. From visual artists, to writers, to dancers to world class musicians and film makers.

A special treat was the performance by world renown keyboardists and composers Greg Bartheld and Masami Asahina, with their medley of original jazz and classical themes.

This was followed by multi-award-winning film makers, Daniel Lir and Bayou Bennett who showed one of their award-winning short films.

Internationally acclaimed artist, Nico Vosloo gave a special presentation about the background of some of his beautiful art.

Visual artists included Lynda Hubbard, Lauren Dohring and photographer, John Hambright. Writers who presented were Lallah Rowe and Lynda Hubbard.

Noelle North did a dance exhibition.

Musicians Tim Corbo and Randy Rivera played throughout the event with vocals by Lauren Perreau and Nicki Armstrong. Twelve-year-old Zach Marivilla, performed on the ukulele.


“It was wonderful to be with creative people in their own fields. It was a great artists’ salon.” RM

“It was a beautiful venue, perfect for showing the paintings and doing the videos. It was a lovely fun flow of people in and out and all seemed to have a great time.” LP