AFABW goes to The Gambia!

Here is how it all started – AFABW Founder Barbara Cordova got a reach on Facebook from Fabakary Sanneh,

“Dear Barbara,

My name is Fabakary Sanneh from the Gambia West. I am the President/Founder of Fabakary Rural Community Support Initiative, and Youth and Sports Coordinator Mansakonko Lower River Region The Gambia West Africa.
It gives me great pleasure to send an email to your organization for the first time. First of all I sincerely thank your efforts and what you are doing in the world to help through the Arts. I was following your Facebook page that shows the tremendous work you are doing and I appreciate it, and am impressed and want to work with you.

This foundation I’m in is a personal Initiative that intervenes directly to the beneficiaries of those in need. I came up with this foundation because I volunteered for years working with the government and see the bureaucratic system is not helping the poor and needy before getting their share is normally finished. The poor are getting poorer and the rich are getting richer, and that’s is not Fair.

These are the activities I do to help youth and children in the rural Gambia:
*Training on entrepreneurship
*Summer Camp
*Child creative Day
*Child Rights and protection
*Drug sensitisation and educative session
*Youth conferences and festivals
*Community fun Day
*Women’s awareness session
*Social drama, competitions
*Sports events like chess, football, volleyball, running and marathons
*Youth and children cultural acts and Drawing

In 2017 in UPPER RIVER REGION I started my Initiative called Fabakary Rural Community Support Initiative with the slogan “let’s reduce the normal bureaucracy and get to those in need to achieve the results in a quest to create impacts in the long run”

I created my social media account on Facebook and started Post on my interventions areas to look for partners and sponsors both individuals or groups

What we need is resources like books for kids, Art projects to train the kids and to promote AFABW in the Gambia. I am very happy to connect with you and work around this project of promoting child welfare, and drug education.”

The first thing Barbara did was let him know about a Human Rights arts contest for kids that AFABW is helping to sponsor, and right away the kids started drawing their concepts of Peace and a better world. Then she got him to order Truth About Drugs books online and sent info about the Get High on Art, Say no to Drugs project. Several of the kids were asked to do drawings depicting their vision of a better world where creation is encouraged and drugs are discouraged!

“I have hundreds of youth and children and very soon we will start school sensitization on Say No to Drugs. Some watched the video (Drug Education) and they learned a lot, and their reaction was that crime rates increase as a result of drug influence and other bad behavior of young people. We are planning to organize a special event for this program and to invite State TV and Radio to cover it. Our society is badly influenced by the use of drugs. This campaign is good and we need support to stand firm and expand it. Thank you!”

Fabakary Sanneh