For a third time AFABW had a booth at this top fair that attracts over 10,000 people, and hundreds of artists who display their works, as well as a stage with uplifting music.

Art was on display by member artists and the site even attracted one young artist who completed a painting on the site and displayed it. Artists in many of the neighboring booths were encouraged to use their art to make a better world, and over 300 received our brochure, and some got newsletters. Several of our members networked with other artists on future projects and AFABW became a meeting place for artists to discuss their future projects, collaborations, and plans for upcoming artist events. Our team also handed out 540 The Way to Happiness books (A common sense guide to better living), with our custom Logo, and 60 Good Choices books for kids.

Members who participated were Lallah Rowe, Chris Rowe, Lynda Hubbard, Lauren Perreau, Halsey Wickser, Pat Crowder, Andrea Zastawny, Gwendolyne Snyers, Violette Sabatino, Lauren Dohring, Becky Mate, Nico Vosloo, Greg Bartheld and Masami Asahina