On Sat May 21 AFABW helped in the production of Art in the Park that Member Leigh Ann Edrich produced. She got several groups together plus a number of individuals to help create it.

The event was a team effort with help from Artists in Action Int, City employees and local artists, and the local Plaza Park Neighborhood group, which had 20 sign-ups to help improve their area!

AFABW majorly contributed to helping make this event a success and several members enthusiastically volunteered and held planning meetings.  We contributed with promotion and coordination of artists and musicians, creating the steady flow of public to the event.

 In a neighborhood with drug dealing nearby the plan was to uplift the area with music, art and fun in support of local artists.  And this is exactly what they achieved.

There was a constant stream of people, with 300 attendees, the largest turn-out of all neighborhood events so far.  AFABW had a booth with our members’ art and books as well as brochures and newsletters which got out to dozens of attendees.  We also handed out The Way to Happiness and Good Choices books – and had a table where kids drew pictures of what makes them happy.

Several AFABW members displayed and sold their art as well as performed in the variety show on stage, which was MCed by member LD Sledge.

Feedback from some members:

“That was a super nice surprise. $250 in art sold!  Not bad for an afternoon’s work.  Awesome!  The ladies who I gave the TWTH to were genuinely interested and had never heard/seen it before”.   Debbie Lewis

“My daughters & I took part in an art show where we sold several pieces of our art”.   Jennifer Welton

“I enjoyed Art in the Park, where there were many wonderful artists and musicians, it was a lot of fun. I met old friends and made new friends! And I bought a beautiful painting from a young artist, and it’s hanging on the wall of my bedroom. I love it, makes me smile”.  Joyce Nicoletti

“I got a major opinion leader that is purchasing art from me plus is getting me other lines that are in strong interest in doing the same”.  Leigh-Ann Edrich

“It was a good event for me and I sold seven books.  Readers will love my story and word of mouth will grow as a result.”  Ron Kule

“Hats of every person involved, including my hat, being entertainment IC, we pulled it off.  I think it was highly successful.  When I performed I watched people passing on the sidewalk right next to my keyboard, stepping out to my hot boogie beats”.  LD Sledge