Everyone has a blast at our Cajun Christmas feast starring author, musician and chef L.D. Sledge.

L.D. showed the crowd how to cook Cajun gumbo, jambalaya and red beans and rice. It was a total success, the raves were amazing about the tasty, layered flavors of Cajun cookery. L.D. told Cajun jokes and history as he cooked. All the pots were empty by the end of the event as the crowd couldn’t get enough of the food.

We were also entertained by:
Marc Bosserman – who sang Billy Joel songs and others and invited great crowd interaction. Very entertaining.
DeAnna Choi – who sang 3 Christmas songs and blew people away with her angelic voice. she left them wanting more.
Ja’son Manwill – who artfully played renditions of modern music on the piano while people ate to create a pleasant, relaxing ambience.

It was a fun night as Artists for a Better World got their message out to the attendees about what we do and how they can help improve the conditions in their community through art and through our group!