Sat October 10 in Tujunga, CA Artists for a Better World Members lent their support at an Armenian March and Rally.

Member Halsey Wickser wrote a special poem entitled The Armenian Cause, which we inserted into What are Human Rights books and handed out at the rally. There was much agreement that rights had been badly violated in their homeland, and the group was raising funds to help their soldiers and citizens who had been afflicted with oppression. AFABW members participating included Barbara Cordova, Lynda Hubbard, Lauren Perreau and Halsey Wickser. The poem and books were welcomed and appreciated.

Barbara presented a book and framed version of the poem to Hrant Vartzbedian, – the President of the Sunland Tujunga Chamber of Commerce and the Armenian General Benevolent Union – Hrant asked for 50 more books to give out at a fundraiser the following Wednesday.

On Wednesday Barbara went to the Garden restaurant before the fundraiser, along with Richard Stewart – who had introduced me to Hrant. Along with Susan Stewart and Rob Oliver. We talked with Hrant about assisting him and his people, and offered more books for them. Their people are closely united as one may see by the number of rallys, and cars with Armenian flags – and they are a good people with a culture very rich in the arts as well.

In these troubled times we continue to uplift and give hope through arts and Social betterment!