What can artists do during these troubled times?

While much of the world has been shut down, AFABW is open for business!

We just celebrated World Art Day in honor of DaVinci’s Birthday on April 15th. Founding member Becky Mate has hosted live Art Day events since 1998. Becky then merged the holiday for artists with World Art day in 2018, and this is our first year that we haven’t had a live event. However we have kept the holiday alive on the internet – and it has even grown bigger with more participants from around the world!

AFABW Founder Barbara Cordova started a Unity Through Creativity campaign in honor of the holiday – and states that “Since venues are closed, this is a good time to utilize social media to spread uplifting messages to captive audiences.” Several artists joined us and shared online performances, videos and posts of art, music and poetry! Although live events were not allowed, this didn’t stop Becky from collecting art work and poetry from artists around the world, and on April 15th she put art on display at her home, and even had free art canvases donated by Anne Fewell, that she gave away to neighbors.

Barbara decided to use her event production skills to script out an AFABW video event, with the help of video editor Mike Rubio. There are a host of musicians, poets and artists who contributed their talents in honor of World Art Day and this is now newly released by AFABW and can be seen at (You tube link)

Artists from the USA and around the world joined forces to keep the arts alive!

Countries represented: USA, South Africa, France, Sweden, Philippines, Colombia

Those who participated, and shared their talent are…


Claudia Chicas Mona Scherrer

Lynda Hubbard Maja Trochimczyk

Becky Mate Nico Vosloo

Corina Roberts Anna Wagner

Petrina Sharp



Barbara Cordova

Neal Fox

Robin Hogarth

Pete Martinez with Alarma band

Marc Bosserman

Louis Steiner

Poetry and written works:

Zach Maravilla Alice Pero

Lallah Rowe Mona Scherrer

Candace Turner Ad Vulto

Halsey Wickser Bob Lawrason

Chaz Van Heyden