In the past couple years AFABW has gone out in their area and gotten kids to draw pictures of a world where drugs are discouraged and creation is encouraged. It started at the Glendale Arts Fair in 2019 where 75 kids and teens were attracted to the table with the colorful crayons and pens and immediately took to draw their version of the message.

Then later members went out on the streets of Glendale and set up a table for kids to draw. Meanwhile their parents and passersby were handed The Truth About Drugs booklets.

AFABW Member Alice Pero wrote a poem to capture the message – which was posted for people to see, and also handed out:

Get High – Get high on art!

You can fly –

Where you go is of your own making

Get high on art! your happiness comes with paint and songs,

and shaped clay –

Words that ring like bells

the perfect forms of play

The world is yours

not that aching place where drugs and poisons lead you

Come back to us now

Your dreams are real. The high of drugs is fake

Get high on art! a gate to happiness,

the wonder you create will last forever

You will see – This magic never breaks

Alice Pero 10th Poet Laureate/Sunland Tujunga