On December 2, 2018, Artists For A Better World (AFABW) members wrapped up two days exhibiting at the 16th annual Chili Bowl Arts and Crafts Faire at the McGroarty Arts Center in Tujunga, CA. AFABW members displayed art and

Attendees enjoyed live music, a festive atmosphere, arts and crafts and of course great chili!

The visual art and musicians created an ambience that brought joy to attendees, further validating the importance of the artist to society.

One of the activities at the AFABW booth was surveying visitors about what they would like to see at an arts festival.  95 artists and attendees filled out a survey. One of the questions was: Why do you think it’s important for artists to unite to create a better world? A common consensus was that “Artists create beauty and unity in the world.”

Representing AFABW at the booth were Barbara Cordova Oliver, AFABW Founder; Rebecca Mate, Founder of Art Day and long-time AFABW member; and Kathy Tollman, artist and new AFABW member. Each worked the booth answering questions and surveying the visitors, while selling their own art products.

Kathy had never been to a fair like this and was elated to sell her art. Becky sold five of her original paintings, and Barbara sold her Mission of the Artist books.

Also helping at the booth were Cathy Morfopoulous and Bill Hurst who handed out Drug Free World booklets, which is one of the social betterment programs that AFABW supports.

Several active community members visited the booth expressing interest in working with AFABW and attending the April festival. Visitors included Rock Swartz, senior volunteer with Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez; Liz Thompson of the Lions Club; Diane Bernstein who teaches art classes to those with special needs; Pat Kramer, Region 1 Representative of the local Neighborhood Council; and others. Swartz emailed AFABW, “Great meeting you today at McGroarty. The event was one of the best I have attended. I even had one of the ladies climb those stairs and bring me a bowl of chili. Now that’s service!”

For more info about AFABW and/or the upcoming AFABW arts festivals and activities, write Barbara at: afabwpresident@gmail.com